How do you choose an internet job for yourself?

I recommend that if you want to become an Internet entrepreneur, buy a notebook, look through the pages and blogs dealing with Internet business ideas, and write down in the notebooks the Internet businesses that suit you and what you want to do. Allow a maximum of one month for this. You don't have to write down all the job opportunities, just write down the ideas that you think you can do and that you would be happy to do. Also, take into account whether the proposed job can bring income and approximately how much you can earn with it.

But don't use it for more than a month. It's even better if you only do a week or two of research work. But read at least a hundred different internet business ideas.

After that, read through the written ideas and boldly cross out all the ones that don't suit you for some reason or that you don't want to do. If you have reached the end of the posts and have more than five ideas left, start reading and extracting from the beginning. Do this until you have 3-5 ideas left. I recommend devoting at least one week to this.

Then take as many notebooks as you have ideas left and work on one idea in each notebook. Write down the idea on the first page, then on the following pages start to outline how you can implement it and what you need to do for it.

Often the idea is not enough. You would need much more relevant data. These are the following:

• The target group of the enterprise (the group of people who will use the enterprise). A business that is important to everyone will have difficulty getting started. Try to narrow the circle. If you want to write a novel, don't write to everyone. Write for young people, or for women, or write about the disabled. I'm writing for horror fans... Of course, you have to be careful with the tightening, don't fall over to the other side of the horse. It is very bad if, at the end of the narrowing, your target group remains so small that you will not be able to sell enough novels (for example) to make a decent income.

• Find a problem that is so pressing for the target group that they would be willing to pay for the solution of the problem and you and your business can offer them this solution.

• Look at where the money will come from. In most businesses, the target group pays, but there are relatively many exceptions. For example, if you provide an online storytelling service that tells children a story by phone when they call a specific number, your target group is children who love stories, but you have to wait for the order and the money from the children's parents.

• In the case of the selected ideas, spend a total of one week solving these three questions (it doesn't matter if you have 3, 4 or 5 selected ideas). If you want to be effective, deal with only one idea at a time!

• Then set aside a day to think about how you can implement the given idea. What do you have to do? Write down the tasks one by one. This is one of the most important parts of brainstorming. Do not skip or screw this up.

• It may happen that someone close to you is already dealing with the selected idea. No problem. In fact, it's good. See how he's doing at work. If all goes well, copy his working methods. If the results could be better, find the mistakes: What would you do differently and better? In any case, it is better if there is already something similar on the market, even if it is not close to you because then you don't have to think about whether your business will work, you don't have to do market research, you don't have to spend a lot of time and money on it so that people can learn about your product or service. Just think, if the manufacturer were to introduce Coca-Cola to the market now, how many billions would he have to spend on advertising to make his product known in all countries of the world? By the way, it is not important that your product is something completely new, never seen before. Just think that today's increasingly popular electric cars first appeared on the market at the very beginning of the 1900s, and at that time even car races were regularly won by electric cars. Or that the washing machine was discovered by the Hungarian judge József Bíró 30 years before the currently used electric washing machines, except that it operated with steam generated in a tank placed on the stove. Or that deodorant balls were discovered by József Bíró in the 1930s, but they were not manufactured until the 1960s. Today, every decent cosmetic company produces such a deodorant. That there were many other search engines before the Google search engine, and the Facebook social network was preceded by many tens of social networks. And it will happen to you too. If the idea you have chosen is very good, soon several people will come up with similar ideas. Don't start fighting them! Look at what they do better than you and copy it into your business.

• How to advertise your business. This is a more important question than you think. There are many free and paid advertising options. For you, two things are important: Spend as little as possible on advertising, but at the same time get your ad to as many people as possible. And of course, the text should be good. There are many radio ads these days that list prices. Needlessly. People don't notice that anyway. Anyway, for a long time, people have been buying not the cheapest product, but the good one that grabbed them for some reason. Bad advertising is also when the corner convenience store advertises in a national newspaper or TV program. It's a waste of money. Good advertising is the advertising platform that your target group follows. And if possible, it should be free.

During the survey, answer the following questions and write them down in the notebook (If you can't answer the question, look it up on the Internet, but don't leave it unanswered):

• What are the advantages of the business?

• What are the disadvantages of the business?

• What is the business's uptime?

• How much can you earn with it? (Estimate!)

• If your expectations are not fulfilled, what kind of business can you switch to (Offer something different to the same target group. Consider that the same idea can often be implemented with different target groups, but most of the time a different method is needed.)

When you're done with all that, see him and start working. Without work, there will be no income!
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