How does a pre-matrimonial investigation by a private detective work?

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation in an Age of Online Dating

From the days of Byomkesh Bakshi, when a private detective and his right hand man were enough to solve the most gruesome murders, now a host of professionals pool in their expertise to solve a case. And often these experts belong to different fields.

Why is there need for checks and balances?

In an age of social media and internet, the dating game has been transformed beyond recognition and it is found that the online dating map is dotted with stories of abuse when a partner’s antecedents were not verified. These days, many young and not-so-young couples are turning to private investigators to verify the credentials of their dates before they tie the knot. Without a pre-matrimonial investigation, many such couples are not risking their lives or property to marry someone who may not have a clean record.

What are the Facts Investigated in a Pre-Matrimonial?

To begin he investigation, the person who may be getting married, approaches the detective agency with their partner’s name, address and photo-any other details they can think of such as email id, contact number, vehicle number, employment history, Facebook profile should be passed on to the detective agency in Delhi, too. The detectives can work on little information too just in case the client has little on his or her partner intended.

Modus Operandi

When the investigation begins, it is conducted in a moderate and discreet way. The detectives do not divulge the client’s name ever. The method to do it is by following up leads related to activities, inquir

ies, observations, social media analysis and so on. At no time does the team of detectives make any direct contact with the suspect or his friends or family. Their statements about the suspect may be biased or prejudicial and cannot be entirely relied upon. However, the client is classified information and at no time is her or his or families’ identities be revealed.

The most reputable private detective agency for pre-matrimonial investigation are found in metro cities, like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

How do you know he is the One?

Now, what are the facts on the potential partner that the team of detectives amass? Everything from the subject’s relationship status, bad habits, present and previous employment checks, income details, family background, social status, personality traits, health status, educational background check and criminal background check.

At the end of it, the client can rest assured that her partner possesses all the qualities that make for a good match and can sleep in peace as she prepares for the nuptials.