Create Your Own Crypto Token Using High-end Blockchain Standards

The business of developing crypto tokens to start the journey in the crypto era is known as token development. To develop their organizations and find more chances, numerous young business entrepreneurs today have started to create token using blockchain technology. Consequently, the worldwide public's interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies started to grow. Therefore, entrepreneurs are thinking about whether creating crypto tokens for their business could be helpful.

Launch your crypto token and Kick start your cryptocurrency business with the help of a top-notch token development company. To give you enough prospects to develop your token authority, Hivelance extends its cutting-edge token development services across many blockchains. By developing a crypto token from scratch, we assist you with the complete token development process.

Benefits of Token Development For Your Projects

Branding: To be the top pick among competitors having your own crypto token paves the way for brand values. It helps in showcasing a professional look for your brand.

Popularity: In order to popularise your brand value, the usage of tokens can be enriched through airdrops and bounty. This in return increases band value and helps in signing in.

Digital Exchange: The crypto tokens created can be used for trading purposes in various crypto exchange platforms such as Binance, Wazirx, Paxful and more.

Features of Token Development:

Detailed version: The tokens created will follow the concept of blockchain standards along with their wallet. They will have a name, a symbol, a number of decimals, a total supply, and more

Burnable: By burning your token, the circulating stock can be reduced.

Mintable: When you do minting, you will get new tokens. The owner will only have the right to do minting. If you are not in need of new tokens minting can be disabled.

Pausable: To prohibit trading, you can delay your token movement till all token transactions are made unfrozen.

Entire ownership: The owner will have the entire ownership of their tokens. They can have total control to manage them and mint.

Capped: You cannot produce extra tokens beyond the token limit. This avoids the creation of tokens than the declared tokens.

Why Choose Hivelance For Token Development?

Hivelance offers creative and start-of-the-art token development services on a blockchains, including Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Binance smart chain, Matic, Tezos, and more... to give you many options for constructing your token authority. From ideation to token launch and advertising, We have huge experience to deliver comprehensive offerings on token development services to our clients across industry.

Popular blockchain based Token Development Services:

  • Ethereum Token Development (ERC20 | ERC721 | ERC1155 etc)

  • Tron Token Development (TRC10 | TRC20 | TRC721)

  • Binance Smart Chain Token Development ( BEP20 | BEP721)

  • Solana Token Development

  • Tezos Token Development

  • Polygon Token Development

  • Stellar Token Development

  • EOS token development

  • And more

Leverage our token development services to build your own crypto token on popular blockchain standards!

Create Your Own Token!

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