5 Questions to Ask a Dewatering Services Consultant Before Hiring them

The wrong approaches to your dewatering project can devastate your project and derail your plans. Not hiring the right consultants may also mean derailed progress or insufficient results. However, with skilled and experienced wastewater dewatering services consultants, you can get a proper return on your investment.

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When screening consultants, you can ask the following questions to understand them well:

Credentials, Knowledge, and Experience

  1. What is your experience?

The experience of your chosen contractor is essential. It is important that you ask any relevant questions that can advise you about their experience beforehand. Additionally, asking for their portfolios and talking to their references can help answer this question.

  1. May I see your credentials?

The other crucial things to check are the consultants’ credentials. The credentials, in this case, may include the relevant licensing depending on your location. Professional certifications and approvals may also be crucial considerations to make in this case.

Track Record and Previous Works

  1. May I see your past works?

This is where you ask for proof of previous and similar projects to yours before you can make a hire. The best consultants to choose will be those that can prove their past engagements, those who have worked on similar projects to yours as well as how they did it. While there could be non-disclosure agreements that can prevent them from providing such proof, any proof is better than having none. Additionally, they can also tell you the approaches and measures they took in those projects and if they have metrics to show improvements.

  1. Do you have testimonials and references?

The other crucial question that you should ask is whether you can talk to the contractors’ references to support their expertise. References will include the clients that they may have served with similar services as what you need. If a contractor does not want you talking to their references, it could be a sign of a long list of dissatisfied customers.

You should also check their websites for their clients’ feedback. Check other review sites such as Google My Business and BBB, among others. They may have different testimonials that you can consider and compare for insights.

  1. What assessments do you conduct?

Lastly, ask about all the assessments that they plan to conduct. These may include organizational, personnel, process, capability, and needs assessments. With this information, you can prepare well ahead.

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