Data science vs. Computer science - Differences to Know in 2022

Data science vs. Computer science - Differences to Know in 2022

Data science vs computer science: Modern life is impacted by computer technology and big data in various ways, including how we purchase, navigate cities and interact with others on social media. These digitally-driven technologies were created, made user-friendly, and have the potential to help businesses improve their goods and services thanks in large part to the work of data scientists and computer scientists. Despite this, the specific responsibilities of experts in data science and computer science are very different in terms of the products they produce and the skill sets they need.

Through today's blog, we will understand data science vs computer science better. So, let's start with their meanings.

What is Computer Science?

The study of computers and computing concepts can be summed up as computer science. Along with their uses in technology and science, computer design and architecture are included.

There are many different areas of research in computer science to pursue. Computer science works with both software and hardware as well as additional components like the web and networking.

In contrast to the software portion, which deals with programming principles and languages, the hardware portion studies computer design and operational procedures. Operating Systems and compilers are additional components of computer science.

A computer can be programmed to perform any task you specify thanks to science. This field teaches how to use computers to create, not simply to consume, and it places a strong emphasis on problem-solving and innovation across industries.

What is Data Science?

ML, algorithms, data interpretation, computer applications, mathematics, and statistics are all combined in the field of data science to tackle challenging problems by drawing conclusions from unstructured data.

According to a 2013 study by, 90% of all data in existence today was produced in the two years prior. Consider that. We gathered nine times as much data in only two years than all previous human civilizations together had done in thousands of years.

A calculation indicated that there will have been a staggering 45 zettabytes of data by the year 2020. We require data science to transform all of this information into something we can use and to put it to use in practical situations.

Data Science vs Computer Science: Key Differences

Using technologies like data visualisation, data mining, and statistical analysis for prediction, data scientists seek out meaning in vast swaths of data. They create the foundational systems required for testing, machine learning-based decision-making, analytics, and the amplification of final data products.

The study of computing architecture and design is referred to as computer science, on the other hand. Utilising resources like programming languages and artificial intelligence, computer scientists create computer hardware, software, and networking systems. They develop fresh computer methodologies, either from scratch or by creatively repurposing those that already exist.

It's important to note that computer scientists and data scientists can both play cross-functional roles. To learn more about corporate objectives, data scientists typically collaborate closely with top executives. With this knowledge, they may plan how to use corporate data to enhance their offerings. Software design and automation are often the areas that computer scientists, who often possess degrees in computer engineering, concentrate on.

Our contemporary world depends on both professions. The software that powers the navigational computer and mobile applications we use, like Google Maps, may be developed by a computer scientist. The data produced by such apps may be analyzed by a data scientist. The usefulness of the app can be enhanced, for instance, by keeping track of users' most preferred driving routes.

Data Science vs Computer Science: Difference in Salaries

Both data scientists and computer scientists make a high average annual salary due to the rising demand for professionals who can manage the growing amounts of data generated by organisations and programs in-depth. Data scientists in India receive an annual salary of INR 1,100,000. It is expected that a computer scientist will make INR 1,846,542 annually in compensation.

Technical proficiency in data collection and analysis, as well as outstanding management and communication abilities, are requirements for a data scientist. The easiest route to becoming a data scientist is through a certification course with a placement guarantee and project certification.

A good academic background and proficiency in statistics, mathematics, and programming are requirements for aspiring data scientists. Additionally, in the fields of engineering, statistics, or computers, they could seek a Ph.D. The professional aspirations of data scientists are catered to by some educational institutions through specific fast-track programs.

The task of creating new technologies falls to computer scientists, many of whom choose to focus on one area of research in particular. In addition to developing and streamlining algorithms, computer scientists also evaluate novel systems and ideas. Students who aspire to become successful computer scientists should seek a certification course with a placement guarantee. Such certification should cover important topics like Programming, Mathematics, algorithms, OS, data structure, and software security.

Final Words

We now reach the concluding parts of today's blog, "Data Science vs Computer Science". We first went through a brief introduction to both these domains. Next, we understood the key differences between data science vs computer science, and finally, we viewed what average salaries professionals in these domains fetch.

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