Scope and Prospect of Network Engineers in India

Scope and Prospect of Network Engineers in India

About Network Engineering

In today's world, network connection is highly crucial to the operation of businesses. Network engineers give organisations and customers an essential tool that enables the conduct of operations by developing and maintaining network connections and operating systems.

The current popularity of the position of network engineer is well known to all IT aficionados. An IT hub is in India. The potential for networking is therefore enormous. Employers like HCL, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, and others are on the lookout for talented Network Engineers who have completed the nation's top engineering programmes.

This specialised degree, which may assist you in acquiring the necessary skills and expertise, is offered by top electronics and engineering institutes in India. The duties of a network engineer might vary depending on the industry they work in. For instance, they could be in charge of a company's cloud network or the fundamentals of networking, such as switching and routing.

Networking is the process of using software and hardware, such as wireless and wired technologies, to link computers, cellphones, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. All of these gadgets are capable of joining a network like the Internet. Networking is used in a variety of disciplines, including IT engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and computer application. The following steps are part of networking:

  1. Design the infrastructure for the network
  2. Create the network, then utilise it.
  3. Maintenance of the network
  4. Network troubleshooting

Work Profile of a Network Engineer

A network engineer's typical workday can involve creating system configuration, supervising system installation, and establishing, describing, and enforcing system standards. A key component of a network engineer's responsibilities is network system maintenance.

  • In this role, a network engineer is in charge of keeping an eye on network performance, optimising network performance, planning updates, and collaborating with network designers to improve the system.
  • The security of a network system must be maintained by network engineers as well.
  • They create security and access rules, put them into effect in pertinent network systems, and keep an eye on them.
  • The most recent technical advancements must be kept in mind by network engineers
  • They must execute the work of creating a report after analysing the performance and potential of a particular system since they are obligated to provide periodic reports on system performance.

Academic Requirements for a Network Engineer

A minimum engineering degree is required to work as a network engineer. Additionally, you must possess a thorough awareness of all network-related topics, such as bandwidth creation, deployment, and support as well as network systems, planning, and maintenance. A master's degree in the candidate's area of specialty may be required by high-end employers. The more prestigious and exacting the criteria, the bigger the firm.

However, individuals without these credentials can still succeed in their careers by completing any of the short courses provided by several private computer training facilities.

Private institutions often provide short-term courses in hardware and networking that last between three months to a year. In India, there are several private computer training facilities that provide hardware instruction. For entry into this industry, there is no prerequisite education required. However, it is often preferable to have intermediate-level education.

Skills required to be a Network Engineer

The profession of a Network Engineer is not an easy one and requires a combination of skill sets that need to be obtained before or while pursuing the position. Below mentioned are some of these skills:

  1. Ability to envision and create network designs based on the unique requirements of the customer or business is one of the fundamental abilities that a network engineer must possess. They must be knowledgeable with local area networks (LAN), proxy servers, and the system's hardware in order to be able to perform this.
  1. Another crucial component of being a network engineer is maintenance, which calls for solid networking understanding. An expert might then be able to optimise the hardware setup and network functionality, debug any faults, problems, or inconsistencies, and adjust the network performance to meet the needs of the particular system.
  1. Network engineers must be able to handle individual projects, analyse budget expenditures, and collaborate with coworkers in order to accurately produce reports on the performance of systems and present an accurate picture of network performances.
  1. If network engineers want to work independently or under contract, they must get a licence from the relevant professional organisation (such as Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA).

Job Prospects & Career Scope

Network engineers can work for huge firms and other worldwide businesses after gaining a specific level of expertise. A network engineer typically specialises in one area, such as reporting, performance monitoring, or designing. The IT sector, and consequently the field of network engineering, offers several prospects for career progression.

The need for network engineers to create, maintain, and optimise network systems is projected to stay steady, if not grow, as the globe becomes more interconnected.

Remuneration and Employment

One of the top paying job categories in the IT sector is network engineering. The compensation that each individual network engineer will be entitled for will depend on their degree and experience, just as in other technical fields. In reality, if two applicants have comparable abilities and qualifications, experience may be the decisive factor.

According to PayScale, your income might range from around Rs. 1.2 lakh per year to up to Rs. 6 lakh per year, depending on your educational background and job experience.

Higher compensation, as well as bonuses, raises, and incentives, may be offered by larger firms. These supplemental earnings are frequently dependent on a person's performance and ability.

Future of Network Engineers

Network engineering will focus on simplicity in the coming times. Even if the outdated techniques have so far been successful, it is now necessary to make improvements that will support the industry going forward. The future engineer will be more of a hybrid, with networking still playing a major role but requiring diversification to fully benefit from automation. Below are some detailed future prospects of Network Engineers.

  1. Possibilities for advancement - In some capacity, networking is a skill that is needed across all industries. Networking is necessary in all commercial sectors, including manufacturing and business processing. They want a workforce with the networking skills to make the most of the technology as more institutions and companies engage in technology, big data, cloud computing, etc. The need for networking professionals is now greater than the supply. Therefore, the smartest decision you can make for your future is to enrol in an electronics and communication engineering institution.
  1. Automation - Technology now includes automation on a regular basis. It promotes efficiency, effectiveness, and cost cutting. The foundation of networking is also it. Automating the process of configuring, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting is the responsibility of a network engineer. The scope of networking has expanded even more with additional activities like these. Many individuals think that in the future, employment will be lost to automation. That is untrue. Instead, it will only enhance the skill sets that a network engineer already possesses.
  1. Innovation - Innovation aids in business growth. Instead of merely being a choice, it is a chance to develop. This modification may be internal to enhance the functioning of the internal network or external to provide customers with better services and goods. A network engineer's career may be elevated as a result of this. You may learn how to apply your knowledge and abilities to develop a novel solution through the engineering programmes offered in India.
  1. Opportunities for employment - The networking field includes sub-fields including routing, switching, teamwork, service providers, security, etc. It is a broad field with applications in all businesses. For managing their networks, for instance, every business requires some. Security is required for all enterprise networks in order to safeguard critical data. Therefore, there are plenty of career chances in this industry.


Deep expertise in networking and deep expertise in software engineering are the two main skill sets needed by today's network teams. They must be able to use code to automate everything in your network and have a thorough understanding of how everything operates at the packet level. Network engineers possess knowledge and expertise in network management and troubleshooting that you cannot get via reading or formal training. The extent to which it influences networking-related software development decisions is undervalued in the sector. Once someone learns how to communicate with the network via software, even basic network scripting by a networking engineer with no experience in computer science or even basic knowledge of development techniques may greatly increase how and what can be solved or customised.

When it comes to learning and acquiring skills for this profession, there are ed-tech platforms which help increase the scope of this domain even more. Skillslash, for example, provides a series of amazing courses that help students and aficionados develop the essential skills and get trained for this field. Courses like Data Science Course in Bangalore with placement guarantee, Full Stack Software Development course, Block Chain course with certification, Business analytics course etc, which have the potential to make the candidate industry-ready and help them rise high and become very successful in this domain.