Best Online Data Science courses to get a job in 2022?

Best Online Data Science courses to get a job in 2022?

A data scientist has one of the highest salaries in the developing profession of data science. The advent of big data and the need to manage these massive amounts of data led to the rise and power of data science. One of the key uses of AI in data science, which enables businesses to draw conclusions from their data and take actions in response to those conclusions. As a result, every business now values data science, and there is a tremendous demand for data scientists.

Everything is surrounded by fierce competition. The market's high-paying employment, however, can be easily attained if you can gain an advantage over your competitors. You can gain that advantage by taking online data science courses.

The ability to understand data, working knowledge of data science theory and the ability to produce outcomes practically are all necessary for data science. To understand data science, you need not need years of experience with big data or a significant background in the IT business. You may always learn from the top data science courses available online and create a path for yourself to enter this sector alongside your work. Skillslash has the upper edge here by providing truly top-notch data science courses with a world-class learning experience. Here is a list of the Best Data Science Courses to help you learn the subject, advance your profession, and advance in this area.

Top Online Data Science Courses to Undertake in 2022

Following are the top data science certification courses to undertake in today's cut-throat competitive era. Let's get started.

  1. Advanced-Data Science & AI with a 100% Job guarantee program

A state-of-the-art certification course, this program has helped 1000+ individuals bag great offers from top AI startups. It is a highly rigorous program that first equips you with all the theoretical concepts you'll ever require in the data science domain. Next, it helps you work on real-time projects to ensure that you build a hands-on experience with the real-world problems that await you in the future.

First, let's look at the module that covers the entire syllabus for the course.

  • Module 0 Introduction
  • Module 1 - Programming Essentials
  • Module 2 - Applied Statistics
  • Module 3 - Advance Machine Learning
  • Module 4 - Deep Learning
  • Module 5 - NLP
  • Module 6- Reinforcement Learning
  • Module 7- Computer Vision
  • Module 8- Explainable Ai and Risk Management
  • Module 9 - TOOLS

Why Should You Join This Course?

Let’s understand the important highlights of the Advanced Data Science and AI course, and why should you opt for it:

  • Real-work Experience: Through this course, you will become proficient in applying all that you've learned in your data science journey. Additionally, you'll be working with top AI startups to develop strong industry experience.
  • Build Your Own Course (BYOC): This has rarely been witnessed in any data science course that exists in the market. We provide you with the opportunity to build a personalized learning track for your journey so that your professional background and career goals can be complimented and achieved.
  • 100% Job Guarantee: Not many institutes provide this option because it's tough to ascertain what the future will be for a candidate. However, we are so confident in our methodology, trainers, and our vision that we offer a 100% job guarantee assurance or 100% refund. Additionally, we will train you regarding building a top-notch resume and acing the interviews.
  • Specifically for Professionals: This program is specifically for professionals with 1 year of experience or more, and more importantly, no coding or programming experience is required to undergo this course.

The list does not end here. To equip yourself with absolute knowledge about the course, click here.

  1. Business analytics course with certification With a Job guarantee

For all those enthusiasts who have an analytical mindset, are great with data and numbers, and have a knack for business acumen, business analytics is the ideal pick for you.

A business analytics professional holds immense value because they drive insights from statistical analysis which will help the founders and other higher authorities in taking a decision that is both productive and profitable.

Our business analytics program is designed in a way that complements your experience, regardless of your background, and helps you have a smooth transition. Let's understand the course modules which give us an overview of the syllabus that will be covered.

  • Module 0 Basics For Data Science
  • Module 1 - Programming Essentials
  • Module 2 - Applied Statistics
  • Module 3 - Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Module 4 - SQL & MongoDB for business
  • Module 5 - Excel for Business
  • Module 6 - Power BI

Why Should You Join This Course?

The following points mention the main highlights of the Business Analytics course and why you should opt for it:

  • Project Certification: You get to work with top AI startups on real-world problems, and in the end, you receive project certification directly from the company as a mark of your experience in handling real-life business problems.
  • Tailor-made Course: You get the complete freedom to customize your course that best fits your competency and needs. Hardly any institute provides this kind of support.
  • 100% Job Assurance: Again, you receive a 100% job guarantee assurance or an entire refund on the cost. It's only to show that we are highly sure of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.
  • Program Subscription: Every Skillslash course, including this one, has a subscription of three years, so you can transition into a successful professional even with the everyday problems or the routine you have (just like any other individual).

Again, the list does not end here. To get all the details about the course, click here.

  1. Data engineering course with industry experience With a Job guarantee

If you're great at handling data, analyzing and validating them, and proficient at data-driven decisions, data engineering is the perfect course for you.

The demand for data engineers is way too high in response to the supply, so these professionals are in high demand, play a pivotal role in organizational decisions, and hence are paid dearly for their work.

Our data engineering course is designed to help you transition from any background, cope with the basics, and take you to levels that only a few institutes have been able to achieve.

Here are the modules (the course syllabus) which contain various sub-sections:

  • Module 0 Introduction
  • Module 1 - Programming with Python
  • Module 2 - Applied Statistics
  • Module 3 - Machine Learning
  • Module 4 Data Modelling
  • Module 5 - Data Warehousing on the Cloud
  • Module 6 - Big Data using Spark
  • Module 7 - Automating Data Pipelines with Airflow
  • Module 8 - SQL, PowerBi, Tableau

Why Should You Join This Program

The points mentioned below will help you understand why the Data Engineering course could be a game changer for you:

  • Project Certification by the AI Company: You receive a project certification from the AI company you intern with and work on real-world problems. This helps you come out as an experienced person with a result-driven mindset.
  • Design Your Own Course: Just like the previous two courses, you have the entire freedom to design your course that best suits your needs and competency levels. This way, you know what you've signed up for.
  • 100% Job Assured: Again, a 100% job guarantee assurance to ensure you are rewarded dearly for your hard work and efforts, and should you not land a job there's a 100% refund.

Again, like the previous two courses, the list does not end here. The tangible and intangible benefits of a Skillslash course are priceless. To know more about the course, click here.

Final Words

While we have reached the end of the blog, I would like to highlight an important thing. Regardless of the course you opt for, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • 100% live interactive classes to ensure learning isn't boring
  • Industry pioneers as your trainers to ensure the best learning experience
  • 100% job guarantee to reward for your hard work and time
  • Real-world projects to help you become a successful professional and stand way ahead of competing candidates.

These were the top data science courses that you can go for in the present-day scenario. Skillslash has been recognized as the best data science institute in Bangalore, and the Data Science course in Bangalore with placement guarantee has ensured this remains so. The curriculum, trainers, projects, and experience collectively build a sphere that helps you shape your career. To get enrolled with us, you can first book a counseling session by contacting our team of experts (click here). Then, you can get your journey mapped out, and select the course that best fits your skills and needs. Good luck with your journey.