Interesting facts on Sports Data Analytics

Interesting facts on Sports Data Analytics

Sports data analytics is essentially the study of analytical data about athletes and their performances, to identify players' faults and strengths. There is enormous development potential for sports data analytics, which is already employed in several peripheral businesses.

What are the current trends in Sports Data Analytics?

In the professional world of sports, those who excel in math, technology, and data analysis have joined players and management in the 21st century. With new exploits in analytics, these sports sector newcomers have revolutionized athletics, matching the amazing feats performed on the field. Every area of athletics is increasingly impacted by data, from marketing and fundraising to on-field performance and sports medicine.

Today, some of the biggest digital companies in the world collaborate closely with the bigger sports organizations to create wearable technology that enables them to evaluate player performance and individual indicators, particularly those related to their health. They can now monitor fitness levels in great detail, which wasn't previously possible.

“It’s not what you know, it’s what you can impart on people,”

Stan Van Gundy said.

How did this field emerge?

Former baseball player Billy Beane was the first person in sports history to make a choice based on statistical data from a player's previous performances. According to Beane, teams' scoring runs were based solely on statistical analysis. Teams with a high on-base percentage score more run. This eventually leads to the team's victory. Previously, choices were made based on gut feelings and what the managers perceived. However, after Beane's sabermetrics, players who were unfit, short in stature, and slow runners had a chance to be selected because his method did not consider these variables when signing a player.

Who is a Sports Analyst?

A person who analyses technical, tactical, physiological, and psychological performance metrics to improve athlete performance in collaboration with the sports coach and sports science team. Sports data analysts spend their time gathering on-field and off-field data from various sources, then analyzing and interpreting that data in search of relevant insights.

The demand for Sports Analysts

Data are scarce on the precise career outlook for sports analysts. The average basic pay for a sports analyst in India is 3.15 Lakhs per annum, with the lowest being 2.43 LPA and the highest being 5.82 LPA. The outsourcing of being a Sports analyst is quite expensive knowledge-wise, but worth it.

Skills to be a Sports Analyst

While learning new tricks and techniques to shine in the field of data analytics, there are some inbuilt skills to master and learn, for career development.

  • Computer knowledge

  • Objectivity

  • Tenacity

  • Communication skills

  • Interpersonal critics

  • Analytical hard skills

  • Organizational skills

How to become a Sports Analyst?

Interested individuals for the sports franchise’s data analytics team, need the necessary education and experience before entering the employment market. Check out the steps for nailing to be in the field of the sports analytic world.

  • Get the Right Bachelor's degree

  • Seeking professional experiences

  • Make a splendid resume or portfolio

  • Check for job opportunities

  1. Get the Right Bachelor's degree

Seeking a bachelor’s degree in journalism, broadcasting, communications, or a closely related branch of study. Meanwhile, a degree in math or statistics would be more advantageous if you wanted to specialize in something like statistical sports analysis. Data analytics not only serves in Sports but also in various fields experiencing better results even for a career switch.

  1. Seeking professional experiences

Many academic settings assist students in gaining practical experience before graduation, allowing them to discover what a sports data analyst performs in the real world and how they may apply their classroom learning on the job. Involving a broadcast program in your high school or university might help to promote skills, which help you to enhance your resume.

  1. Make a splendid resume or portfolio

Your resume must include your internships, volunteer work, student programs, and clubs. Make sure to describe your responsibilities in each role. You might include projects from college, internships, or previous broadcasting positions in your portfolio. You can also mention projects that you completed on your own.

  1. Check for job opportunities

Approach your employment search open-minded, and keep in mind that any career in broadcasting could lead to a future opportunity as a sports commentator. The expectation of around 115,000 new management analyst positions between 2016 and 2026 by the companies, representing a 14 percent growth rate, has emerged. These changes frequently come with new difficulties and responsibilities, as well as increased remuneration.

Understanding the assumptions behind any statistic “makes you think” about your views, Stan Van Gundy said.

Future of Data Analytics in Sports, In India

A career in sports analytics is on the rise, owing to the ideal combination of high demand and limited supply. The Indian data analytics business is massive, and it is predicted to reach US$ 118.7 billion by 2026, thanks to the government's push for digitalization and the development of new data centers. This industry will be disruptive and will result in a paradigm shift in the future.

“Nothing is impossible!”

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