How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Android Development

Android is a popular computer platform built on Linux. The first commercial version of Android, in the form of a mobile phone platform, was released in 2008, at a time when the BlackBerry was still the most popular cell phone for business users, the iPhone was just starting to make waves across all industries, and the majority of phone users were still texting on flip phones.

For the past decade, Android has "paid its dues" in the smartphone industry. The popularity of Android and iPhone smartphones has made BlackBerry, the once-dominant corporate mobile device, the topic of a Bruce Springsteen song called Glory Days. Surprisingly, Android's exceptional success has pushed BlackBerry into a wide range of products, including delivering Android-based smartphones. (Congratulations to the BlackBerry team for pivoting and bringing value to their shareholders and the broader market despite their prior supremacy ebbing.)

Android is making its way into a wide range of devices, including televisions, projectors, autos, and even recreational vehicles, as it matures. The controls may be manipulated via the Android-based touchscreen interface. There are a lot of these kinds of interfaces on the market right now.

It's easy to confuse Android for a desktop operating system because of its rich functionality. Android is a multi-layered operating system based on the Linux kernel with a diverse set of capabilities. The user interface subsystem includes windows, views, and widgets for showing common features like edit boxes, lists, and drop-down lists, as well as everything else you'd expect from a modern operating system. Both conventional online surfing and direct integration into your own application are possible with the browser.

The spread of smartphones across consumer and corporate applications, particularly Android, has changed the mobile web during the last decade. The usability of mobile devices has been substantially boosted thanks to "responsive" web technology.

Android offers a variety of connectivity options, including wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, and, of course, cellular connections on almost any network. Location-based services are used by many popular mapping and navigation apps. Digital cameras have basically retreated upwards due to the quality of modern smartphone cameras. Android supports the use of several cameras, each of which is capable of recording full-motion video. Because it employs the camera as an input device to do industrial inspections, machine vision is one of my favourite sorts of applications. Voice-based services transform the present Android device into a virtual personal assistant.

The fact that Android apps have traditionally been built in the JavaTM programming language is an essential component of the Android application ecosystem. You may also create them in Google's Kotlin programming language, which is a relatively young programming language. Although this essay focuses solely on Java, Kotlin is gaining popularity, and you should investigate it more. Because of the trend toward "newer is better" in programming languages (for example, Swift is overtaking Objective-C for iOS/Apple development) and the ongoing legal battle over where Java can and cannot be used, Kotlin is expected to overtake Java as the leading language for Android in the next few years.

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