Japanese Scissors - Why Professional Hairstylists Prefer Them?

Japanese shears are one of the most popular for cutting hair. They are the most demanded shears among expert hairdressers and stylists and the most preferred in the business.

Japanese shears are distinguished by their extremely sharp, tapering edges, known as convex edges. These convex shears are thin and extremely sharp blades for a clean cut, making them ideal for sliding and wiping cuts because of their speed and precision. Japanese shears are appreciated for their versatility, efficiency, sharpness, and smoothness.
Japanese hair cutting scissors

Advantages of Japanese Shears

Japanese shears are highly adaptable. They are used for different procedures since they are light, swift, sharp, and precise. They are versatile to various cutting techniques, performing admirably for wet, dry, or slide cutting as well as taper and point cutting. Cutting with them is painless and enjoyable because they are easy to manipulate and comfortable with fingers. These superior shears make it easy to perform detail work in challenging regions, notably behind the ear, with speed and precision. This would undoubtedly help you acquire satisfied customers.

How to Pick the Right Japanese Scissors

The popularity of hair stylists depends on their ability, reliability, and the grade of their service, which is entirely determined by their equipment. Since hair shears are the most critical equipment for a stylist, it takes them a significant choice to choose their ideal set or favored brand.

Many retailers offer shears without addressing your needs. Although, various high-quality handcrafted Japanese hair cutting scissors made of stainless steel are among the most affordable on the market.

Make sure to purchase the latest hair-cutting shears for your needs from a reputable online retailer in Canada, such as New Touch Shop. They provide stainless steel created entirely in Japan (J2) with exceptional durability that will not harm or split hair ends. The convex edges of scissors facilitate a smooth cutting motion, making them ideal for slicing wet or dry hair to get the required results.

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