Jump.trade NFT Cricket Game VS Normal Cricket Games

NFTs have completely revolutionised the world and have become something that is versatile and can be used in several different ways. It is because of these NFTs that a window of opportunity has been opened allowing games to enter a new dimension quite literally. The cricket craze that we all are all so familiar with has now entered into the realm of P2E NFT Games but in a different way, instead of depending on luck and factors like that there is much more to this.

MCL is a new thing

MCL by Jump. trade, also known as Meta Cricket League is a P2E NFT gaming that utilises characters and bats that are basically NFTs as in-game facilitators. The NFTs can be purchased from the Jump. trade NFT marketplace and the requirement that needs to be met is basically the possession of 1 bowler and 1 batsman NFT. The game also allows you to earn money through winning and provides you with JT points that can be converted to real-world cash. Apart from this, the character's NFTs can be upgraded and can be sold or traded for whatever reasonable cost that may vary based on need, rarity and demand.

The fixation of brands with non-fungible tokens is fast coming to an end

Recently, blockchain has piqued the curiosity of numerous enterprises, particularly game developers. Now, businesses like Starbucks are launching their own NFT coffee lines. NFT game marketplace platforms, on the other hand, are working well for game developers like GameStop. Many other businesses have stepped up to market this innovative technology since then. NFTs are still in high demand, and those from these businesses have improved client engagement.

Change has come with Cricket and Non-Fungible Tokens!

NFTs are getting more accessible, and cricket fans are embracing the newest technology with ease and success. Rare cricket moments and cricket NFTs have been distributed to fans all around the world more often in recent years thanks to official cricket clubs and their collaboration with numerous Cricket NFT markets. In order for their followers to support both the athletes and the cause for change, these athletes created their NFTs in order to collect money for philanthropic and environmental causes.


That being said, the Metaverse also plays a major role in all of this as well. The NFTs that are being used can also be sold or purchased in the metaverse too and there is also more to see as it allows growth on different levels. The Metaverse is not just a platform but rather a completely different world from what we know and while it has already made itself quite well known and prominent with people being well aware of all of the things that several others have managed to accomplish.