Women's Clinic Near Me - Are You Looking for Cheap Abortion Clinic?

Women’s Clinic Near Me - Are You Looking for Cheap Abortion Clinic? Dr Tony offers safe, legal and pain-free abortion procedures throughout all of South Africa. Our experienced doctors make sure to answer all your ques Women's Clinic Near Me - Are You Looking for Cheap Abortion Clinic? and ensure you are well informed before you make the decision to undergo an abortion procedure. No matter where you live in South Africa, book an appointment today!
Which type of abortion is right for you
There are two main types of abortion: medical and surgical. Medical abortions can be carried out during early stages of pregnancy with a pill called Misoprostol, which you will receive from a doctor or other healthcare professional. Medical abortions make up around 90% of all procedures in developed countries. A surgical abortion involves removing tissue from your uterus and is only recommended if your pregnancy is further along than 7 weeks, as complications may arise in later stages. During both types of abortion, women’s clinic near me will provide you with pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. Women’s clinic near me offers safe legal and pain free abortion located in all towns in south Africa book appointment now
Abortions cost R 2000 up
Whether you live in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town or any other town in South Africa, women’s clinic near me offers affordable and safe abortions. Women’s clinic near me also offer a variety of services like IUD insertion/removal and referral to gynecologists/and rologists/urologists. Schedule your appointment today! Call women’s clinic near me on +27845759990 . Women's clinic near me accepts payments via cash, EFT and credit card. We are located in most Towns in South Africa Call us now! Book an appointment now! Women's clinic near me offers pain free medical abortion which is safe, effective and legal at all stages of pregnancy.
Kinds of procedures available at the clinic
We have many kinds of abortion procedures: medical abortion, pill-induced abortion, early medication abortion, aspiration abortion and chemical-free vacuum aspiration. We offer complete range of medical termination services with guaranteed success. Women's clinic near me deals with pregnancy termination matters in a confidential manner. Choose women's clinic near me and get hassle free pregnancy termination services today! What are you waiting for? Just make an appointment now at women's clinic near me. No more hesitation; it’s time to choose an expert who is always there to help you in all matters related to terminating your unwanted pregnancy successfully. Our experts will provide best treatments which are safe and risk-free to abort your baby safely at women's clinic near me . Contact us now! +27845759990
How does an abortion work
If you're in your first trimester, a medical abortion is your best option. A medical abortion uses medications—mifepristone and misoprostol—to end an early pregnancy. The regimen includes pills that are similar to those used in combined birth control pills and causes cramping and bleeding like a miscarriage. At most clinics, you’ll be able to take these medications at home, but some require you to go in to receive them during a follow-up appointment 2 or 3 days later. After taking mifepristone, you’ll need to return within 48 hours to take 4 tablets of misoprostol (800 mcg each). These will cause uterine contractions and complete the abortion. Most women can return home after taking misoprostol, although some may need to stay overnight if they experience heavy bleeding or other complications. Some states have laws requiring a surgical procedure for abortions; ask your doctor about what procedures are available where you live.
What are the risks and side effects
If you are in your first trimester, there is a small risk of complications or death due to complications. If you are in your second trimester and choose not to have an abortion then it is possible that you will be able to carry your baby to term, although most women do not go past their 24th week. At our women's clinic near me we will make sure that any medical or psychological issues you may have will be taken care of by professionals. We provide safe legal abortions at all towns in south Africa with no hidden fees. Book appointment now