Metaverse- a fresh look at gaming

NFTs are something that we ought to get used to. They are essentially the key to the future and also provide countless opportunities for people to take a step into virtual investments. This is also something that will pretty soon become the norm. Given that the blockchain has become the base of the metaverse and also considering that Web3 will also be integrated with blockchain technology, NFTs seem to play a valid role. One such thing is that NFTs are becoming quite popular in our cricket collections and India or several countries, cricket is less of a sport and more of a religion.

Are cricket NFT collectibles a big deal?

In today's world collectibles are selling for quite a lot but Cricket NFT collectibles have a completely different approach. Gaming and cricket are some things that are quite popular in the world right now and having collections of either one or both also means that they can be sold at insane prices. So to put it in simple clear terms, NFTs take away several risks that real-time NFTs have. These are the security and authenticity it provides not to mention the lack of space consumption. That being said these collectibles rapidly rise in price and can also fluctuate depending on demand, need and rarity.

Metaverse presents P2E redefined

NFT games or games in the metaverse are directly connected to the blockchain. The reason for this is that the entire metaverse was created with the blockchain as its base. This is a good thing because with the world evolving and the blockchain becoming a major part of several important functions including Web3 it only makes sense that that metaverse makes use of it too. When gaming is added to the mix it makes the P2E games because by playing them you can level up characters and then trade them for higher prices and/ or can also earn points or tokens that can be converted to real money.


To wrap up things certain collectibles only have reasonable prices in set domain locations, NFTs while they take away the risk factor that most of these collectibles have their price and demand depending from region to region. So put simply Cricket collectibles while incredibly valuable in India and places where cricket is considered a religion might have great value the same cannot be expected from every place. Apart from that by making them NFTs there is the ease of access as all one needs to do is go to a sports NFT marketplace and buy an NFT collectible.