Benefits of of i95Dev’s Magento Salesforce Connect

Benefits of of i95Dev’s Magento Salesforce Connect:

Improved customer experience
– Magento Salesforce Connect is used to manage interactions with customers, archive information about those interactions, and automate the processes associated with the customer journey, from marketing and sales funnels to closed opportunities. With the help of the Connect, store owners can sync customers, orders, products, and invoices from Magento to Salesforce and provide ways to interact, engage and upsell solutions to customers.

Sales Team Optimization
– E-Commerce retailers have long worried over why so many customers abandon their shopping carts before completing a transaction. Joined with Magento, SalesforceCRM will automatically convert those customers’ information and intended purchases into leads, pulling it from your ecommerce portal into SalesforceCRM. This empowers the sales staff to follow up on the pertinent lead and helps in increasing productivity. Wholesalers and manufacturers will benefit not only from this aspect, but from the benefit to their sales team. The Opportunity Management feature allows sales and marketing managers to see just exactly from where leads are entering the pipeline – crucial information for sales team optimization. SalesforceCRM organizes and categorizes opportunities, allows for instant chats and e-mail between on-the-go sales associates and others back at the office and can render it all on a mobile device.

Social Media
– eMarketers have long wanted an all-in-one tool for organizing social media marketing campaigns that capitalize on real-time information allowing effective segmentation and targeting. They’ve found it in SalesforceCRM, which works with Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help your marketing team find new customers. Also, plug it in to all your channels with Magento-Salesforce Connect and easily monitor what’s being said about your business and products.

Real Time Customer and Purchase Data Accessibility
– Ecommerce platform cannot independently optimize sales. Integrating SalesforceCRM with your Magento ecommerce software provides real-time data which helps in improving customer responsiveness and operational management. The combination of SalesforceCRM with your ecommerce platform helps to convert abandoned shopping carts, stay in contact with leads and synchronize updates for objects such as accounts, opportunities etc. Fewer delays and mistakes in service means your customers’ confidence grows. Integration gives a 360-degree customer view, which helps to enhance sales and improve strategies.

Magento ecommerce platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth whereas SalesforceCRM allows sales managers to monitor and analyze their team’s activities so that they can forecast sales and plan ahead. Integrating the two with i95Dev’s Magento-Salesforce Connect can only improve business.